Product advantages.

As comfortable as possible.

No matter where they are laid, carpets ensure a high standard of comfort and create an individual atmosphere in the home. As no other material offers such a large and varied choice of colours, patterns and textures, carpets make a house into a lived-in home.

Textile floor coverings absorb and deaden sound, and so enhance feelings of well-being in everyday situations. No other floor covering can equal these positive effects on audible and subsonic sound pollution.

Carpets preserve warmth in a room, as they prevent conductive heat loss through the floor. They have a positive effect on our perception of warmth or cold. It has been proven that a room fitted with a carpet requires less energy to heat it

Ergonomically sound
Carpets reduce wear and tear of the joints and back, as they enhance walking comfort. The strain put on the human frame when walking is reduced; the body weight is distributed equally and in such a way as to relieve strain on joints and muscles.

Carpets improve the hygienic condition of the air by binding dust and microbes until the next cleaning process. The result is a reduction of airborne dust content by up to 50 per cent compared with smooth floors.

Feet do not slip where carpets are fitted. Carpets also cushion the impact of a fall, and thus reduce the risk of accident or injury.

Warm, soft and elastic: carpets are child-friendly and the ideal floor covering for play areas. The risk of injury and the level of noise are reduced.

Cheerful colours
Colours influence our moods. We need variations of colour and light in order to feel at ease. Textile floor coverings offer almost infinite possibilities. Carpets allow individual combination of colours and limitless creativity.

Easy to clean
In general, textile floor coverings require little upkeep and so considerably reduce time and effort.

In compliance with Eco-Tex Standard 100. Our products fulfil stringent test criteria.